With well over 100,000 installations worldwide, we are Germany’s leading manufacturer of IP Door Intercoms. Our Door Stations provide communication that is modern, convenient, and fast. Our aesthetic options support every application. Whether discreet or inviting, surface- or flush-mounted, there‘s a DoorBird for every environment. Because of our modular design, we will also build custom units to match your project requirements.

Use our 3D-Configurator and design your customized DoorBird here: configurator.doorbird.com

Ultra-wide-angle Lens with HD Video
Infrared LED for Night Vision
Microphone with echo cancellation and noise reduction (AEC, ANR)
RFID Reader for Access Control
Keypad Module
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Accessibility Module
Fingerprint Module


Materials and


With DoorBird, all your building‘s entry points can be controlled remotely, or from a central location:

  • Front door
  • Side entrances
  • Access to common rooms, e.g. bicycle rooms, laundry
    rooms and fitness area
  • Elevators
  • Access to underground parking
  • All areas at Coliving & Coworking


Digital access systems are more secure, more convenient, and more cost-effective than mechanical keys. Visitor Management is available for all our products and applications using the DoorBird app, or accessed from a web browser.

RFID Transponder

Dual-band Key Fobs can be configured remotely

App Key

The DoorBird App is available for iOS and Android devices


The Keypad enables access with individual PIN codes
Digital keys have unique identifiers, and can be configured individually for user-defined access control - what time, which door and for how long? Access is logged automatically, and lost or stolen digital keys can be easily blocked and replaced.

Access Control


Unlike some traditional analog systems, DoorBird IP Door Stations can be easily installed in both new construction and retrofit projects. Our devices connect over a Local Area Network (LAN), and are Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ready. Every DoorBird component is uniquely addressable, with no additional network hardware required.

Increase in
property value


Building managers can access all IP Video Door Stations conveniently and securely using the DoorBird WebAdmin, our browser-based administration tool. All systems are accessible and all functions can be configured at any time without needing to be onsite: the names on the digital doorbell panel can be updated automatically and digital keys can easily be shared.

Remote access makes administration easy. Onsite staff and services such as cleaning services, package delivery, maintenance workers can be issued unique digital keys for access, which can be enabled or disabled based on real daily schedules.


Tenants can communicate with visitors at the exterior IP Video Door Station from the DoorBird App, and also from our dedicated Indoor Station installed in their home. The Indoor Station gives the tenant additional features like concierge call, room-to-room communication, and weather information.

When a visitor rings the doorbell, residents will receive a push notification to their iOS/Android device. Residents can see and talk with the visitor, as well as open the door. Because our system is IP-based, residents can use the app whether they‘re at home or away.


IP-Based Entry Systems require both physical and network security – and DoorBird provides the maximum level of both.

With a long-standing reputation for Data Protection and Privacy, DoorBird stands above our competition by offering bank-level encryption of all user data, hosted securely by our own servers in Germany and the USA, and managed with proprietary Cyber-Protection software.

Only DoorBird provides this level of security at the front door, and in the cloud.

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