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Frequently Asked Questions

 iOS and Android Version, Hardware

During App development we must always operate under the specifications and guidelines provided by Apple and Google, which suggests that, among other things, that apps and app updates for the App Store and Google Play Store must always be developed using the latest iOS and Android versions. This of course also means that new apps are reserved for the current smartphone operating systems and hardware. Because our products are also security related, we advise that you always use the latest smartphone with the most recently updated version of iOS or Android.

You can find the current minimum requirements for the app in the Apple App- or Google PlayStore depending on your operating system. 

 Apple HomeKit

We are in active talks with Apple regarding the integrating of our video door stations into "HomeKit". HomeKit requires a 1080p HD image sensor. The current generation of our video door stations "only" has a 720p HD image sensor, so only future generations will be able to be compatible with HomeKit.

We would like to offer to keep you up to date regarding this topic with our newsletter.

 Electric Door Opener Tamper Protection

In general, any electric door opener connected by direct wiring of the live wire to a door intercom can be tampered with. This applies to every door intercom (for physical reasons) and is also almost exclusively how electric door openers are installed worldwide. 

For greater security we recommend that you protect the electric door opener with a tamper contact which has a remote safety relay. We do offer our own door controller A1081 as a solution for this topic in our shop. 

Alternatively you can also encrypt the door opener signal via IP and send it to the door opener via your home automation system. We offer a comprehensive API for integration into third-party systems:

 RFID function (D10x/D20x/D21x series)

D10x/D20x series:

The D10x/D20x series features a built-in 433 MHz transceiver (sender, receiver) and was planned to use it for external Radio-frequency identification sensors/senders such as external remotes (as you know e.g. from garage systems) and external motion sensors. These were never designed to be used for access control using cards of key fobs because they do not support the right frequency.However because of the lack of support from third party systems we did not fully launch this feature yet. 

D21x series: 

The D21x series features a built-in 125 KHz RFID reader for access control (Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT) system), as specified in ISO/IEC 18000-2:2009 Part 2 which makes them compatible with other third party key fobs and card entry systems.

A maximum of up to 100 keyfobs can be registered.

 Push messages are not displayed or only delayed

As soon as a visitor rings the device a message gets send directly to the Apple / Google push server. In general the operating system of the mobile end device (iOS, Android) manages reception and display of a push notification. The DoorBird App functions as every other App and it usually takes 2-3 seconds until the push notification shows up on your mobile device.

The most common examples are (sorted by frequency of occurrence):

A network component within your network goes into sleeping mode and awakes only through activity of your mobile device again. Solution: Update the firmware of the WiFi components (e.g. router or repeater) in your network

  • The mobile device’s internet connection is unstable (WiFi or mobile data). Solution: Improve the connectivity of the mobile device. The internet speed booked from the mobile phone service provider is not sufficient information.
  • The device’s connection to the internet is unstable (WiFi or Ethernet). Solution: Improve the connectivity of the device. The internet speed booked from the internet provider is not sufficient information.
  • The mobile device is in sleep or “do not disturb” mode. Solution: Our DoorBird App does not overrule you’re the system settings of your mobile device. Deactivate this mode to receive push notifications.
  • The mobile phone operating system does have battery saver settings activated that automatically end apps and processes that are running in the background. Solution: Add the DoorBird App to the list of exceptions so it is not affected by this by the battery saver.
  • There are apps installed on the mobile device that fit into category battery saver, cache cleaner, system optimizer. Apps in this category end processes running in the background. Solution: Add the DoorBird App to the list of exceptions so this app does not interfere with the DoorBird App
  • Push notifications for events are not activated in the DoorBird App settings. Solution: Open the DoorBird App > Settings > click on the added device (e.g. aabbcc0001) > Push Notifications > DoorBell > Activate

 Video door station cannot be added

The QR code for the stored users on the “Digital Passport” document is only working for as long as the associated user in the Administration area of the DoorBird has not been deleted/changed. When the video door station is connected to the Internet (see, but the App gives an error notice when a device is added or you lost the connection to a DoorBird that was already connected to your App, in 99 % of the cases, the stored user “...0001” on the “Digital Passport” document (the one for which the QR code stands) does not exist on the device or the password has been changed (see “DoorBird App -> Settings -> Administration“). 

a) If the user does not exist on the device, please create a new user (see “DoorBird App -> Settings -> Administration”), note down username and password and connect the DoorBird to the App manually. 

b) If the password has been changed, please note down the username and password of the user and connect the DoorBird to the App manually.

(Hint: You can use the "share user data" function to generate a new QR code)


In case the administration login does not work, we recommend a reset to factory defaults:

 General info about the App

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of Door Bird App. It often happens that requests relate to outdated app versions. Please also make sure to restart your smartphone/tablet as some issues are related to the operating system. 



 Motion Detector

For all devices that have installed a motion sensor, the sensor can be activated and configured in the DoorBird App administration (DoorBird App -> Settings -> Administration -> Login -> Motion Sensor). If the motion sensor is activated and you would like to receive push messages for events, these must be activated separately in the settings for the mobile device (DoorBird App -> Settings -> click on the added device, e.g. device0001 -> push messages -> motion).


In our experience, Devolo/HomePlug/Powerline adaptors are unfortunately unsuitable for for door communication purposes because they do not transfer all the data correctly. We also know of similar experiences with competing products. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this technology.

 Cloud Recording

All DoorBird Video door stations feature a built-in visitor history free of charge. 

You can find all the information about our "Cloud Recording" feature here:

 Video recording / Third party systems / Integration

We offer a comprehensive open API for any kind of third-party integration (e.g. NAS, NVR, VMS, Home Automation, Smart Home etc.). Please have a look here:

In addition we already offer instructions for many integrations. You can find them here:

 Dimensions of a specific device

When you enter our shop, you will find a data sheet under each device. 

All data sheets contain relevant dimensions and information. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Required Internet Speed

The DoorBird requires High Speed Internet (Landline): DSL, Cable or Fiber, with DHCP. Internet Upload Speed minimum 0,5 mbit/s or faster. The faster the Internet, the better the image and audio quality. Please do not connect the DoorBird to an 3G/4G/LTE router (Stability, Latency, TCP/UDP package loss).

 Weatherproof design

The DoorBird has been conceived for use outdoors in harsh environmental conditions. Therefore it has been certified in accordance with the IP65 outdoor industry standard and has been accredited to meet the requirements of Protection Class A1 for rain and snow (which is ,for example, the standard in Northern Europe, North America and Canada).

 Sequence of notification of mobile devices

The doorbell’s signal is very time-critical. It is therefore not practical to set up a sequence for smartphones/tablets that is executed successively if a visitor rings the doorbell. All users will be simultaneously notified on their smartphones and will be able to see the visitor live.. Alsoeach remaining user is notified if one user is already talking to the visitor. If a user were only to receive a signal 30 to 60 seconds later, i.e. if there were no response from a user previously notified, the visitor would already long have left again.

 Conventional door opener button

Our models support the use of a conventional door release button inside the house to open the front door, garage, etc. without a smartphone or tablet. Please make sure that the button isvoltage-free, e.g.

Please make sure to follow the instructions and the connection diagram in the manual.

 Mounting height / lens

The DoorBird uses an ultra-wide angle hemispheric lens (180° horizontally, 90° vertically), ensuring that even with a person at a minimum distance of 50 cm from the DoorBird, a low mounting height would be sufficient. As a result the lens is also not mechanically adjustable. The camera lens should be located at an altitude of at least 145 cm (57 in). Please check the optimal installation height for you before installation. It is not possible to mount the device horizonal or to rotate the camera module.

 Cloud Service

Our products are cloud-based solutions (see also NEST, Dropbox, etc.). For reasons of reliability and security no port forwarding is conducted through the internet (using NAT or DynDNS). Our products establish an encrypted VPN tunnel connection to our cloud server (located in a highly secured data centre in Germany). 

Our products rely on the same secure communications technology used by financial institutions for online banking (SSL). The remote access via our cloud-server is free of charge. 

It is not technically possible to use our products autonomously without internet access or without access to our cloud servers, as otherwise key functionality like, for example, push notifications (special server security certificates required by Apple and Google), remote access, periodic free software updates etc. would not be available. 

The entire solution is tested and approved by the responsible state office of Germany for Data Privacy and Data Security. 

If you want to work without a cloud server you may use an autarkic IP system from e.g. Siedle or Gira, which of course do not provide the same functionality. As a provider of intelligent and convenient Smart Home solutions we do not offer products without connection to our Cloud-Server. It is not possible to use of third-party Cloud Services e.g. from Google Drive, ownCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 (for security reasons!).

 Windows/Mac App or web browser access

The DoorBird has been specifically developed to be used securely and wirelessly in conjunction with popular smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android). We offer an excellent HTML5 widget for other platforms, see

  Fixed video internal unit - A1101

As fixed internal video unit we recommend the use of our compact IP video indoor station A1101 in conjunction with all DoorBird IP video door stations. The IP video indoor station A1101 comes with a 4“ True Color Display Touch Screen with scratch-resistant tempered Gorilla® glass and excellent audio quality.  

In addition we do offer the table stand A8003 which is designed for using the IP video indoor station A1101 on tables and sideboards. 

You can find both products in our webshop:

 Name plate DoorBird D10x / D20x / D21x

Due to the compact dimensions of the multifunctional DoorBird D10x Video Door Station (comprising: HDTV camera, light, microphone, speaker and 180° motion detector, we decided against making space for a separate name plate, as this would have meant enlarging the case by about a quarter. The models D20x/D21x have an illuminated nameplate.

 Number of end devices

The DoorBird can be connected to up to 8 mobile devices for each bell push button (iOS, Android). 

When someone rings at your door, a push notification is sent to all linked end devices, all users can view the video simultaneously, though only one user may speak to the visitor at a time (the other users will receive a notification that it is engaged).

 Anti-theft protection

Like any high-quality door intercom system, our devices are protected against theft with special security screws.

To our knowledge, there has only been one case worldwide in which a Doorbird went missing due to theft. In case of theft, we can completely secure your Doorbird device. You can file an official police or prosecutor’s report and submit it to us as evidence. We will then find a solution for you!

 Additional Cameras / Integration of third-party cameras into the Doorbird App

The BirdGuard B101 is an additional camera that can be operated in our DoorBird App. 

The integration of third-party cameras is not possible in conjunction with the DoorBird App. 


You can easily integrate the BirdGuard B101 as well as our DoorBird IP video door stations into third-party systems. 

We offer further information on integrations into third-party systems:


 Mounting on a thermal protection wall

There is a special rawlplug to use when mounting components on a thermal protection wall, e.g. this product: 

Please clarify this with the manufacturer of your insulation to find out exactly which rawlplug is recommended to be used in this instance. You can find the required diameter of the screws listed in the DoorBird mounting guide.

 Compatible door chimes

When someone rings the IP video doorstation, you immediately receive a push message with sound/vibration on your mobile device. 

We also offer you a feature-rich IP door chime (DoorBird A1061W), which can be connected to your IP video doorstation via network (LAN/WLAN/WAN). You also have the option to pair multiple IP door chimes with the IP video door station. 

Alternatively, each IP video doorstation offers the connection options for a conventional door chime (two wires). It is possible to connect all door chimes that operate with a maximum of 24 V (AC/DC) and 1 A. More information and a schematic diagram can be found in the manual of the respective model. 

Examples for analog door chimes: 

All door chimes with these electrical features can be operated on the IP video doorstation. It is not possible to directly connect a 110 or 230 volt door chime. The IP video doorstations do not provide a power supply for the door chime. A separate power supply must be provided. For a suitable power supply and further information, please contact the manufacturer of your door chime. 

 Connection of an electronic door/garage/gate opener or strike

Our IP video doorstations allow for connection options for standardised electric door, gate or garage openers (two wires). It is possible to connect all door openers that can be used in the range up to a maximum of 24 V (AC/DC) and 1 A. More information and a schematic diagram can be found in the manual of the respective model. 

The IP video doorstations do not provide a power supply for the opener. A separate power supply must be provided. For a suitable power supply and further information, please contact the manufacturer of your door opener. 

Door strike example:

 Video resolution

DoorBird Video Door Stations feature a HD 720p image sensor for brilliant picture quality. When used for spoken communication, audio is prioritised and the resolution and frame rate of the video stream is adjusted dynamically. If you need full high-resolution video - e.g. for video surveillance purposes in combination with NAS, NVR or VMS - you can access the stream via the built-in RTSP Server. You can find further information in our API document:

 Static IP-Address / DHCP

We have not built-in a way to manually configure static IP address details into our firmware. If you must set one of our network devices to work with static IP-address details, you should set this comfortably in your DHCP server / router for the certain MAC address of our network device. Configuring static IP-address details into a device without using DHCP leads to well known problems in practice, so this is never recommended in a modern network.


All DoorBird IP video door stations have a built-in SIP module for integration with various SIP phones and Home-Automation systems to meet advanced audio and video communication needs. DoorBird therefore provides the possibility to perform SIP integrations through a SIP interface that can be accessed via the App (DoorBird App -> Settings -> Administration -> Login -> SIP settings). As SIP is not standardized, any integration has to be configured individually. This is only possible with considerable effort and DoorBird does not provide any support on individual SIP integrations. DoorBird undertakes ongoing development efforts to integrate SIP. 

All compatible SIP devices and installation manuals can be found here:

 Connectivity problem in a mobile phone network?

In some regions mobile phone network operators block the access to certain services or on standard ports (e.g. HTTP [80], HTTPS [433]), e.g. by using a passive proxy server or because of erroneous routing (normally a temporary problem). This case is very rare but it cannot be bypassed without knowing how the mobile phone network operator is blocking which data. A simple work-around for checking is the temporary use of a VPN service, e.g. (free for a short test).  

 If a connection is possible using a VPN service and you get in touch with your mobile network operator, please forward this information:

 WiFi / WiFi problems / ethernet cable


For the devices with integrated WLAN module, we have explicitly included the point "WLAN range" in the product design. Our devices therefore deliver significantly better results than relevant competitor products (including smartlocks). 

Unfortunatly there are always environments where WiFi does not work satisfactorily. We have no influence on this, as we already use the maximum allowed antenna radiation in the EU, Canada and USA. Our devices only use the 2.4 GHz frequency range (WiFi channels 1-13 / 2401-2483 MHz). WiFi in the 5 GHz frequency range can allow higher speeds but has the disadvantage of a smaller range (Our IP video doorstations on needs 0.5 Mbit/s).

In general for reasons of stability (availability, reliability) and possible delays for push messages we generally recommend connecting the devices via network cable.


This series has no integrated WiFi module and is operated exclusively via network cable.

All models:

If only two wires (and no network cable) are available at the installation location, we offer a solution in our shop with the 2-wire Ethernet PoE converter A1071.

 Multiple video door station

The DoorBird app supports up 10 DoorBird Video Door Stations and additional BirdGuard cameras. 

You can switch backwards and forwards between the video door stations and additional cameras within the app by tapping using the tip of your finger.

 Reset to factory defaults

The following models can be reset to factory settings:


No login credentials (Digital Passport) are required for the reset to factory defaults. 

Please go to the "Reset to factory settings" in the DoorBird app under settings and then follow the step-by-step instructions. Please keep in mind that DoorBird must be online via network cable for the procedure. Also the iOS or Android smartphone/tablet from which you carry out the reset has to be on the same network as DoorBird.

At the end of the procedure you will receive a new "Digital Passport" document. 

Please note that you must leave the device untouched for 15 minutes after a successful reset, as the firmware will also be installed on the device again. 

 Power supply

You can power up the DoorBird and our addon products separately using one of the three options: 

  1. the attached power supply in the retail package (works for voltages from 110 to 240 volts and does have worldwide adapters)
  2. the DoorBird DIN rail (additional article in our shop)
  3. via the integrated network interface using a Power over Ethernet Switch or Injector (PoE 802.3af Mode-A)

For warranty reasons, the DoorBird may only be operated with power adaptors that have been purchased directly from us because as these are individually tested and certified. The exception to this is the power supply via PoE, since Power over Ethernet has been uniformly standardized worldwide:

 iOS or Android updates / push notifications

After an update of the smartphone operating system, it may happen that push notifications for your events are no longer delivered. The DoorBird app itself has no influence on this. 

Please open the DoorBird App and go to settings (do not enter the adminstration), click on the added door station listed in devices (e.g. station0001) and then click on the red “DELETE” button. Please then restart your mobile device and add the device again using your credentials. 

 Can I transmit network data and power over two simple bell wires?

We generally recommend the use of a hard-wired connection between the door station and Internet router instead of WiFi, as this is maintenance-free, fail-safe and interference-free.

You can use our 2-wire Ethernet PoE converter (e.g. the model "A1071") if you only old bell wires on your front door. It transports both network data and power (PoE) via two simple bell wires.  Although the "A1071" is the world's smallest 2-wire Ethernet PoE converter, the receiver module does not fit into the housing of the current series. You can either add some space for the 2-wire Ethernet PoE Converter receiver module behind the housing. Alternatively, you can also mount a small housing suitable for outdoor use, in which the module is accommodated.

Alternatively, you can also use a standard Cat.5, Cat.6 or Cat.7 network cable for Ethernet network data and power supply (PoE).

 Does the DoorBird D30x get its power supply from the door intercom system?

The DoorBird D30x (e.g. DoorBird D301A etc.) is supplied with power via a power supply unit (included in the scope of delivery) or via Pover-over-Ethernet (PoE). Theoretically, the DoorBird D30x could also obtain its power from the door intercom system, but for important reasons it does not: 

  • It would be a technical intervention in the overall system of the door intercom and would have to be approved by the building owner.
  • The power supply of a door intercom system is dimensioned exactly to the number of installed indoor stations, each additional indoor station/component can cause that the power supply fails or the door intercom system is damaged as another unplanned subscriber consumes power.
  • It would simply be electricity theft unless the power consumption was approved by the building owner.

 Apple Watch

If you install the DoorBird app on an iOS device, a paired Apple Watch will also work. It is possible to receive push messages on the watch or open the door. 

Unfortunately audio communication via Apple Watch is technically not possible, as this is restricted by Apple. As soon as Apple offers the interface, we will implement it.

Please keep in mind that push notifications are only displayed on one both devices after pairing:

 Using third-party call buttons with the DoorBird IP video door station

D10x/D20x series: For warranty reasons it is not possible to operate the device with third-party call buttons.

D21x series: It is possible to use the D2100E (Engineering Edition for integration purposes) in conjunction with our product MTM14E for using up to 14 third-party call buttons. 

Please make sure to check the data sheet of the products in our webshop and the additional instructions for individual panels:

 Android TV

We do not support Android TV because there is still a very low demand and the distribution also is very limited, e.g. LG relies on webOS, Samsung on Tizen. 

 firmware updates

Our devices receive automatic firmware updates on a regular basis to introduce new features or match with the latest changes introduce on new iOS/Android updates. 

As soon as we start the roll out for a new firmware, we inform about the changes here:


The roll-out usually happens in update waves, which means that not all devices receive the latest firmware at the same time and it can take up to a few weeks before all devices are updated. 

In addition to our firmware changelog, we also inform about new features in the app changelog in the AppStore/PlayStore for the DoorBird App.

It is possible to check anytime whether the device does run on the latest firmware on the check-online pages:


 Amazon Alexa / Amazon Echo

We are currently working on an integration of our products into Amazon Alexa / Amazon Echo. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when this feature is available.

 Which menu languages does the D21DKH and D21DKV support on the outdoor display (resident directory etc.)?

The menu language of the outdoor display of the IP Video door stations D21DKH and D21DKV can currently be set via the DoorBird App administration area to the following languages :

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian

 Illumination - Bell push button

D10x/D20x series:

For all models of the D10x/D20x series the illumination of the push buttons can be configured. 

The setting "On" sets a permanent illumination, the setting "Off" deactivates the illumination and the setting "Automatic" sets illumination when darkness is detected. 

The option to change this setting is available in the administration of the DoorBird App ("Button LED"). 

Regardless of the settings, illumination occurs within the first five minutes after a restart. 


D21x series:

All models of the D21x series have permanently illuminated buttons.

We do not offer the option to change the behaviour. 

 Connection status messages coming from the speaker of DoorBird IP video door station

The DoorBird IP video door station does notify you about the connection status after start-up. Up to three signal tones and a voice announcement in English are played.

3 signal tones and the announcement "No Network" indicate that there is no connection to the local network (DHCP, wiring etc.).

2 signal tones and the announcement "No Internet" indicate that an IPv4 address was assigned via DHCP and a connection to the local network exists, but that no Internet connection is possible (Internet outage, firewall settings).

1 signal tone and the announcement "Successfully connected to Internet" indicate that the DoorBird IP video door station has connected to the DoorBird cloud. 

The volume for these diagnostic sounds can be switched between "Standard" and "Silent" in the administration of the DoorBird app. (DoorBird App -> Settings -> Administration -> Login -> Expert settings -> System diagnostics volume).

 Is the brightness of the display of the IP Video Indoor Station A1101 configurable?

The display is optimized for durability and is already configured for maximum brightness.

 Wired outdoor network connection

If you install a wired network connection for a network camera, access control or door intercom (regardless of the manufacturer) to the outdoor area, it is recommended to configure the LAN port on the router to which the product is connected to in such a way that it only allows outgoing traffic to the Internet to "*" (ports 80, 443). The router must support an appropriate configuration or firewall.