Video door intercom and video doorbell for iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and Tablet
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Internet Upgrade for Your Door Intercom

With the DoorBird D301, you can speak with visitors from anywhere using your smartphone.

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Receive push notifications

Always know when someone is ringing at your door

Hear and speak

Talk to your visitors via smartphone or tablet

Open door

Door and gate release via smartphone, tablet (iOS, Android) or SIP phone

Receive parcels at any time

With DoorBird, your parcels can be delivered at any time – even when you are not at home. When the postman rings your doorbell, you receive an instant alert on your smartphone and can decide on the spot where he should leave the parcel. Whether you direct him to the neighbor, open the front or the garage door – the solution for all deliveries is now in your hands.

Prevent burglaries

Most burglaries take place during the day when nobody is at home. To find apartments and houses where no one is inside, burglars first press the doorbell. With DoorBird, you can check who is standing at your front door while being at the office or on holidays. A simple “Hello, who is there?” is often enough to put off most burglars.

How does it work?

  1. A visitor rings your doorbell.
  2. The DoorBird D301 sends the signal from your analog indoor station via push notification to your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Using the free DoorBird App, you can now speak with the visitor and open the door.

Which indoor stations does the DoorBird D301 support?

Feller: TwinBus
Merten: TwinBus
Siedle: 1+n
Siedle: 6+n
René Koch: TC:Bus
Ritto: TwinBus

High compatibility

Works with most door intercoms

Easy connection to the network

Via WiFi or a network cable (PoE)

Push notification and 2-way communication

Using smartphones, tablets (iOS, Android) or SIP phones

Remote door and gate opening

Via intercom, switching relays or smart locks (Nuki, KIWI, etc.)

Ringtone selection

For multiple doors

Free cloud-recording

Can be optionally activated for visitor history

Automatic door opener

For use in medical offices and office environments

Open API

Local interface for the integration with third-party systems and SIP