Video door intercom for iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and Tablet
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HTML5 Widget

With our Open API Alliance, we are also featuring a cross-platform HTML5 Widget. It enables you to use our Video Door Station on almost any platform, e.g. on a Windows Desktop PC, an iMac, a Microsoft Surface Tablet, a Linux Workstation or on a Smart-TV.

The HTML5 Widget features
  • Door chime signal (ding-dong)
  • Live video
  • Opening the door
  • Turning on the light
  • Browsing the embedded visitor history
  • Desktop notifications

Just go to http:///bha-api/view.html (where is the current IP address of the Video Door Station in your LAN) with your favourite web browser and enjoy a new way of door communication. You must be in the same Local Area Network (LAN) with your browser as DoorBird IP Video Door Station in order to access it. Enter the same user name and password as you are using to add the Video Door Station to the DoorBird iOS or Android App.

Audio: Live audio communication is not possible with current-generation cross-platform web browsers, without third-party browser Plug-ins such as ActiveX, Flash or Java. Such third-party browser Plug-ins are well known to be insecure therefore we don't provide such Plug-ins.