The smartphone and tablet IP Video Door Station for iOS and Android
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HD-video and hemispheric lens View View View
Easy installation
No DynDNS or Portforwarding/NAT required
Connector for existing door chime
See, hear and speak (2-way audio)
Alerts on your smartphone & tablet
Minimum recommended Internet upstream bandwith 0,500 mbit/s 1,500 mbit/s 1,000 mbit/s 1,500 mbit/s
Multiple users
Cloud-Recording (optional)
Free visitor history with HD-image 
Large variety of styles, materials and colors (e.g. Stainless steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Chromium, Titanium, surface-mounted, flush, letterbox, display)
Individual customized solutions (Architects service)
Multi-tentant systems
Solid Stainless-Steel button
Up to two built-in relays (potential-free contact) for existing electric door opener, e.g. for front door, garage etc.
Connector (potential-free contact) for existing door opener button
433 MHz transceiver
Works with Volkswagen, digitalStrom, Control4, RTI, Elan, URC, Nuki, Zipato etc.
Works with NVR, NAS und VMS (e.g. Synology, Qnap, NUUO, Netavis, aimetis etc.)
Large-sized and speech enhanced broadband moving coil speaker for sophisticated surroundings
Smart Transmission Mode (STM) & SIP
Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) with P2P and PBX support, e.g. for GrandStream, Panasonic, NEC, Control4, Elan etc.
Night-Vision 12 LEDs 6 LEDs 3 LEDs 3 LEDs
Cross-platform HTML5 Widget
Two built-in Network interfaces: Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and WiFi
Optimized dynamic video and audio transport protocol and codecs from 1000eyes for mobile access via Internet (WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE), thus low latency audio & video and super fast connection establishment
Developed, engineered and made in Germany
World-wide power supply included (110-240VAC zu 15VDC)


Product comparison according to § 6 UWG.